Dumb is the new smart

A revolution has begun. Flight deck displays design is about to take a giant leap forward. NextGen Avionics is bringing Dumb Display technology to the forefront of the avionics world. Smart Displays are a thing of the past. NextGen’s Flight Display Computer and Dumb Display modular approach will drastically change and improve the industry.

Dumb is the new smart

Fresh Avionics Approach

NextGen’s Flight Display Computer (FDC) is a modular component that integrates into the avionics of your aircraft. Different I/O are modular add-on cards within the FDC. This modular FDC approach is easy to upgrade when needing to match new FAA mandates or any other industry breakthrough.

Dumb is the new smart

Flight Deck Mod

Smart Displays have followed a questionable design choice—attaching all the electronics to the back of a display glass that often has a short life cycle. NextGen’s approach begins by upgrading to a larger display glass which is simply upgraded via Flight Display Computer installation.

Dumb is the new smart

Dumb Displays Advantages

1 Display glass is a separate component

2 Upgrading to bigger and\or newer glass size requires minimal DO-160 testing

3 Adding new interfaces from new customers or new mandates is accomplished via the Flight Display Computer

4 Flight deck requires minor changes and typically removal of wiring for smart displays

5 Upgrade of entire flight deck requires only new glass with a cost of less than $10K per display

Dumb is the new smart

Smart Displays Pitfalls

1 Display glass is always attached to smart components

2 Glass resizing and any I/O changes require DO-178, DO-254, and DO-160 re-certifications.

3 Glass obsolescence confounds long lifecycle support

4 Adding new interfaces requires either new I/O or separate data processing unit

5 Upgrading requires a major and costly overhaul to the Flight deck design and wiring—the cost of each display being 8-12 times that of the glass alone.

Dumb is the new smart

Lower Cost of ownership & longer Life

NextGen’s engineering team has completed many DO-178 and DO-254 projects working with certification authorities worldwide and can streamline a certification effort at minimal cost. Combined with NextGen’s modular approach, flight displays’ life expectancies are dramatically increased while cost of ownership is drastically reduced.